• X Jumper

    Avast, mates! Pirates of the Caribbean Online will be closing on September 19, 2013. To learn more, click here. For further details on Pirates Online closing, please visit the Closing FAQs.

    Mark ye well, mates

    Pirates of the Caribbean Online will be closing on September 19, 2013. 

    From now until September 19, 2013, ALL Pirates can log into Pirates Online and enjoy full Unlimited Access for free!

    We sincerely thank every savvy scoundrel, swift-footed swashbuckler, kindly cutthroat, and plunderin’ Pirate on the high seas for your tremendous enthusiasm and loyal support for Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

    To learn more about Pirates Online closing, click here, or visit our Pirates Online Closing FAQs for even further information.

    Keep a weather eye …

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  • TheGleamings

    A Wiki to also help

    August 11, 2013 by TheGleamings

    Ahoy mateys! This is to help all ye cheese fans with some knowledge from another wiki.

    I was surfing the net, looking for knowledge on cheese. This site really helped me:

    This is simply for your welfare and to help you!

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  • X Jumper

    The Cheese Club Wiki

    August 4, 2013 by X Jumper

    1. All edits should be made in Good Faith.

    2. Make edits with the intent of improving coverage. 

    3. Keep to the general layout of similar pages when editing. 

    4. If you have any questions or concerns contact an administrator. 

    5. Before making any major revisions or edits check with an administrator (controversial and/or major revisions may need to be voted on). 

    6. Remember we have younger viewers. Keep language clean. All words that are bannable offenses in the game are also bannable on the Wiki.

    1. Do not use Inappropriate Language of any kind, even though it is prevented by the Abuse Filter, you are still subject to a Ban. In addition, do not use symbols or words that censor, or imply foul language.

    2. Do not cause drama or upset the general …

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  • Aaron9999

    Put requests here.

    August 4, 2013 by Aaron9999

    If you have requests, please explain clearly what you would like in the comments below. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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  • Bill Pugbutler
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  • Charles Warmonk

    Hello Just a short blog saying i created this wikia ^_^

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