The Cheese Club ( Title )

The Chat Room (Charles Warmonk Founder is always online)

Welcome to the Cheese Club Wiki

Welcome to the Cheesiest Wikia ever made! All of us here at The Cheese Club, would like to take this time now, to give you our sincere words of welcome! This Wikia is all about being cheesy, and just plain Cheese in general xD!!! Here at the Cheese Club Wikia, are friendly staff of Admins, are always ready to answer your questions, so feel free to leave a message on any of our walls, they will reply as soon as they can. If you want to socialize on the wikia as well, join live chat. We love to talk here, so if you love talking, join us on chat. On a serious note, We would like to remind you of the The Cheese Club Wiki:Policy. Before you make a page or join chat, please read these. Thankyou for choosing the cheesiet club in the Caribbean. Thanks alot!


Charles Warmonk @ Cheese Club Wiki & Pirates Online Wiki 

The goal of the wikia

This is a wikia made by Charles Warmonk for POTCO Players! This is a guild page for game events, parties and fun! - I am working very hard getting this wikia or guild running so join today! Leave a comment on my message wall if you have any ideas or would like a rank in joining The Cheese Club! Remember to have fun and stay Cheesy!

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